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Aaron Rickabaugh
Hello! I am Aaron, I have been tattooing for about nine years now and love every day I get to do it. I'm not amazing by any means but I try my best to do good quality work. I am currently looking to move out of Iowa to further my career and learn all there is to be learned. I am mainly looking to guest spot with other artists first to see if they are someone I would enjoy working with and could learn something from, also if it's someplace I would like to move to. I enjoy all types of art (especially tattoo art, of course) and I try to keep myself up on studying as much as I can. I really believe with the right help and direction I could be even better, I just need the right shop to work in with the right kind of clients that want good artwork on them.

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/AaronRickabaugh

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