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Beauty Marks Tattoos
Tattoo Artist Needed
Looking for a 3rd tattoo artist to join us full time. Private rooms, Military town in Beaufort, SC near Parris Island Marine Corps Base... Must have extensive experience, we are a custom tattoo studio.

Clarissa Wills
220 Savannah Hwy.
Suite B
Beaufort SC 29906 US
Phone: 1-843-470-0304


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/BeautyMarksTattoos

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  • Bruja Tattoo
    Bruja Tattoo: hello there my name is Maria i am a tattoo artist, i am use to work in a military town, i use to work in NC next to a big Marines base, we are friend on facebook, u can take a look to my customs works on there, i don't need a sponsor, unless u want do it, but we can talk over the phone about this.
    thank u
    5/17/2012 1:49 AM

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