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Betrayed Anguish
Here's to all those out there that enjoy my work. I do take requests, and will try my best at getting things the way you want them. No, I don't work in a tattoo shop. I don't, nor have ever put any tattoos on anyone's body. Ever. I might try later on in life, but right now I'm trying to finish out high school and more on to college, where I want to major in Art Education and minor with a double in Journalism and Psychology. Art, Music, and Writing are my passions in life, each listed in their importance. But the differences are slight. I couldn't imagine being deaf, or crippled, or mute. My mediums are my expressions, and my expressions are me. My original self, my uniqueness. The most important part of me - my soul. So sit back, relax, and enjoy things that I have created. Or tried to trist into original, inspired pieces.

Ashley Pruitt
1117 Moore-Duncan Hwy
PO Box 111
Spartanburg SC 29369 US
Phone: 1-864-921-0345


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/BetrayedAnguish

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