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Blackangel Tatto Alanya Turkiye
BlackAngel Tattoo Studio Turkey/ALanya --CONTACT-- Tel: +90 242 511 93 54 +90 532 411 69 59 website: http://www.blackangelstudio.com e-mail:info@blackangelstudio.com --ADRESS-- Carsi mah. Karantina sok. No:12 07400 Turkey/Alanya --ABOUT-- Our studio called "Black Angel" is opened in 1998 in Alanya. Since it has opened, we help to people without financial anxiety and we have worked in a sterile, lovely, distinguished atmosphere with our infinite designs and skilled workmen. Our tattoo artist Koray studied on classic drawing education and he is in this job for 12 years. Our principles are; has a sterile, healty work-area, and use all the imaginative power in our minds. Sterilization is the most important issue for both tattoo and piercing. Tattoo area of our studio and our devices are being cleaned everyday for many times to serve a sterile service to our customers. Our Tattoo machine is made of surgical stainless steel. On the other hand, imagination one of important fundamental of our job. We serve a visual which is completely original and -sometimes- modified as original. And you our customers, you shall have more than you need in "Black Angel Tattoo Piercing Studio"..


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/BlackangelTattoAlanyaTurkiye

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