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Blake O Neal
I'm a friendly chill skin artist that thrives from creating happy clients that like to come back often for another large dose of ink therapy.

I currently live in Austin Tx with my wife Fox and our fur kids:)I work for https://www.facebook.com/RememberMeTattoos
My art has been something iv'e always practiced in one form or another most of my life.My tattooing started when i was 14;i tattooed a peace sign on my ankle with a straight pin and fabric markers:)

I did 8 years in texas jails and prisons,so i had a loooot of time to draw,thousands of cartoons,simple 2 dimensional images.That was for the first 3 years,on the 4th a guy gave me a copy of Lee Hammonds "Big book of drawing" and i literally learned how to draw portraits and life like lighting/shading.So then tons of portraits on board with pencil happened.

My tattooing began in my second year,after getting handpicked by a guy named King i was enamored by the razor thin lines done with a single needle pick.Skip forward to 5th year when i discovered and built homade relay machines,tweaked out to have a smooth perfect flow/pitch/hit/..

I only count 3 years in the industry as my professional career tattooing...though i do NOT deny my prison roots,i have tattooed thousands of hours behind those walls.I was ALWAYS top 5% tattoo artist on unit,i made 250ish a week:) Yes i KNOW the stigma, i was there i saw some FU@$ed up tattoos,,horrid,,i fixed a ton!

When i got out i bought a Superior "Kit" went shop to shop till i landed a apprenticeship at Asylum Ink in Longview Tx.From there i got here through another long story!

Anyways hope to see ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/BlakeONeal

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