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i am looking for a shop in connecticut to apprentice at i am willing to travel and work for free doing any and all tasks for the shop. i have a art portfolio and also some expieriance tattooing i have my own equipment so i dont need to purchase anything besides needles and ink. my profile picture is a piece i have done on myself although not finished and with lack of professional teachings i believe i can prevail in the tattoo industry i am a fast learner and looking for a good tattoo artist to take me on and give me chance to further my expieriance in tattoos i plan to make this a career so i have every intention of starting from scratch and learning the way of the tattoo artist.

steve choma
60 north rutland road
milford CT 06461 us
Phone: 2039151955

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Blastphemus85

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