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Brandon Petersen
I am a tattoo artist from Durban South Africa and I have been tattooing for 14 years now. I own Back2Basics tattoos and piercing; based in Durban as well as Johannesburg. I specialize in Portrait tattoos, Black and Grey work as well as Cover-up work. I am what people classify, a “fine-line” tattoo artist. I have been tattooing in and around South Africa for the past few years as a traveling artist as well as a competing tattoo artist. I have competed in 2 major tattoo competitions, namely “Cool Ink” and “Ink and Iron”; which are conventions held annually and tri-annually respectively.
I am the only tattoo artist of colour to hold an award at these conventions, and I was the first ever artist of colour to attain such award. I have been awarded with best calligraphy last year at the Durban convention. I have dedicated most of m adult life to tattooing people and have made a great name for myself amongst the people in the tattoo community. I have established myself in the major circles and have competed against the best South Africa has to offer. On occasion I have also tattooed celebrity sportsmen and women as well as tv personalities and musicians.
My new studios will be opened in Malvern, Durban as well as on the Westrand, Florida in Johannesburg from July. I have plans of opening up branches in all major SA cities in the next 5 years, and I also have aspirations of starting a tattoo academy for people who love the art but cannot afford to pay the high fees that other colleges charge. It has always been my dream to become known in the tattoo community as a trend setter and an entrepreneur in the field.
I have had the honour and privilege to be the very first tattoo artist in SA to partake in SA’s Got Talent, a TV show for scouting unknown talent in SA. I am also the only participant in the field competing. I have been chosen to tattoo on the show due to my ability to tattoo with both my right and left hand simultaneously.
I have plans to beat the world record for fastest tattoo artist and longest tattoo session in 24 hours; records held by overseas artists. Through making history, I hope to inspire other young artists to become great at what they do and to persevere and keep on practicing. Thus breaking through the age ld stigmas that have been attached to tattooing all this time.

Facebook – Brandon Petersen
e-mail – back2basics.queries@gmail.com
Twitter - @tattooman123
Instagram – bigb_mrtattooman
Tel – 0788592907 / 0743827858 / 031-4683271

Brandon “Big B” Petersen

Brandon Petersen
66 Assegai crescent
Durban AL 4052 ZA
Phone: +27 743827858


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/BrandonPetersen

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