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Hello Everyone!
I'm not a tattoo artist but a canvas for some incredible artistic work. I have completed my left arm sleeve & Billy (my tattoo artist) placed the photos on here. I did add my first tattoo I recieved when I was 17 (18 yrs ago)just for fun. I love body art and wanting to get the best art I can possibly get from up and coming artist. I believe I have found someone that fits that mold in Billy Troung, who is very passionate about his art as anyone else. I will travel if you are interested in providing a GREAT piece that your name will always be tied too. I live in Northern California (Fremont) where the tattooing is very competive. Billy Troung is from TWISTED ILLUSIONS, in Hayward, CA. He is definitely an up & coming star in the tattoo world. A great guy and so passionate... Please check him out at TWISTED ILLUSIONS and mention my name. Phan (Owner)and Billy truly care about making sure their clients are happy and get exactly what they want. One thing to remember, THEY ARE ARTIST, listen and let them assist with the design. You will love it & want more!

Brian Pawlowski
Fremont CA 94538 US


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Brianfta

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