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Chasing Dragons Machine Mfg
Mike Barba & Associates New Company 2009 "Old Concept" we sell high-end Tattoo Machines to Pro's ONLY ! Set-up for the Individual, the way they Tattoo, Machines are all Steel, Tig Welded, some Brazed together - then Polished and Heat Finish , some Powder Coat and some Special Process Multicolor. 8 & 9 wrap 100% not 99.9 , pure iron core's 1", 1 1/4" sizes Unique Designed Side- Plate's , Functional with Style . 30 years of experience in Tattooing , Fixing and Rebuilding Machines . Mike Barba and Associates History: Starting back in about 1978 in Minnesota I bought my first Tattoo machines from Spaulding & Rogers they were as mentioned in many articles the same set up for shaders and liners. Only a dime / nickle gap separated the two, it was the best widely available equipment that most people could purchase back then. The fact that living far from were the equipment was sold verses were I Tattooed at, made me start learning to work on my own machines because waiting for the mail in those days was brutal. So I first purchased 2 machines from Huck then quickly after having a problem with one of them while doing a Tattoo I realized that a minimum of 6 Tattoo Machines would be necessary to be able to Tattoo without stopping to mail back or fix my equipment while the Guy was waiting to get finished. So I started working on my machines when I wasn"t tattooing or working my other job at that time, it took me with no available help in the local area in machine building and tuning about 2 to 4 years of trial and error I shit you not, to become comfortable at working on and building tattoo machine kits from the 3 Suppliers at that time. I started working on other Tattooers machines, showing them how to make Needles and Mixing Inks, I even made and altered other peoples machines by hand, virtually with no real equipment to speak of. Then is when I bought my first Paul Rogers machine from Col. Todd thats right Mister Jim Dandy Machine himself, I was there at the Pike talking with him about machines and I mentioned I heard of this guy who all the Top Tattooers of that Time were using his Machines, and his open Shader tubes, he said he thought they were too heavy, and said it was a paper weight and told me he had one he didn't even use so I said how much would you sell that paper weight to me for, he said why would you want it, I said to collect it, he said I would sell that heavy thing for $150, I reached in my pocket and said you got it, when I gave him the cash I think he wished he didn't say that, the machine he sold was a collector even at that time. Well after telling the story to Ed Hardy he told me I should get ahold of Paul Rogers in Jacksonville and he gave me the number, have him go over the machine and put it back to original so I did, and Paul and I became Friends to were we would talk every Sunday and he would write me every couple of weeks for years. And did I tell you I bought a Machine a month or so for years about 22 machines. He told and taut me alot, and wrote alot about Machines and Life and just Tattoo people in general, he was always open about telling people things that he thought would better Tattooing. He was a True Genuine Person "no bullshit at all". Same with Mike Malone True Genuine Person and his first Cutback Machines Mad Bee's which I believe to be the first recognized Cutbacks made, using the Supreme frame from Spaulding, I still have the frame to one that Paul was redoing. These people gave us all SOMETHING of themselves, along with alot of others in Tattooing Like ED, Don, Cliff, Jack, Freddy who brought Black and Grey work and Mind Blowing detailed Color Blends to The World of Tattooing to inspire us to take things to newer levels of possibilty, what we do with it is up to us. And I would like to think that myself along with many other Machine Builders and Manufactures, and Tattoo Artists are doing just that. Another thing about machines is COST!, people complain alot about the cost and thats AMAZING to me since back in the early 1980's Machines from Paul and others were $250-$350 each. Shit that was over 20 years ago! Question did the price of RENT or GAS go up since then? The reason for the cheaper prices on machines is because they are crap, crap metal, crap coils, crap screws, etc. etc. what would you expect to pay for crap? And how long do they stay tuned?, you can't be a Real Top Mechanic with all your tools from @#%&!@ , you get the point don't ya! But don't listen to me I spent $350ea. on Machines in the 80's and that along with all the machines I ever bought are still working great today. Good Quality Equipment will make your Tattooing a Greater Experience for you and your Clients. Mike Barba

Mike Barba
12223 Highland Ave. #106-373
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91739 US
Phone: 951-544-5356

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/ChasingDragonsMachineMfg

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