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    Chrissyandoreo: I will be relocating back to Texas in the next month or so with my husband. I have been tattooing for just over two years. I have a high standard of cleanliness and like to get the job done. I am very approachable, easy going and always up for a challenge. I am always looking for new ways to hone my skills and try new things.

    I am looking to work in a fun,laid back environment. I have had enough of shops with drama, and BS's. I don't want to come to work and have a dick measuring contest, to me that is not what tattooing is about. I would like to learn more from my collegues and have the room to grow into my full potential. To see my latest work please view my gallery. Please feel free to leave any comments on my work because your critique is welcomed.

    Thank you for your time, for reading my post.

    Best regards,
    8/20/2011 8:09 AM

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