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Custom tattoo artist who works for himself in the DFW area I do everything from custom work to coverup work and im proud.of my work , each piece is my creation of my love for art, I myself dont have tattoos, but I love my work and other artist work that inspire me , I have good prices and I love a challenge, so look me up on facebook under "dallastattoojaime"and give me a look and make your appointments. I also am a travling artist I do house parties and have reasonable prices and the house gets a free tattoo of choice with the doing of 10 tattoos or a 400$ profit range, all equip presterilized & 1 time use only, so make your appointment at "dallastattoojaime"on facebook.


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Dallastattoojaime

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