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Hi If you've made your mind to get a tattoo, you must be wondering as for which design to go for. Choosing a tattoo design can be difficult because it would be imprinted on your body throughout your life, so definitely it should be a good choice. Though it's entirely a personal choice, you can choose tattoo symbols for your reasons and with your own significant meaning. Body Piercing In Different Cultures In body piercing, a part of the body is punched to create openings for jewelry; while in tattooing permanent markings are made by inserting ink into the layers of the skin. Body piercing has been practiced since ancient times when it was mainly practiced by the Egyptian royals, who used to pierce their navels. It was also practiced by the wealthy Egyptians, who want to display their wealth and highlight their beauty by wearing earrings. Even during Biblical times, body piercing was a sign of status and attractiveness. This practice was also common among ancient Romans, who used to pierce different body parts including the male nipples to show strength. Gladiators, or the slaves, during the ancient times were forced to get their genitals pierced with a ring, so as to prevent them from having sexual intercourse without their owner's permission. Tongues were also pierced as part of religious rituals in many cultures, such as, Mayan, Aztecs and American Indian. Women of these cultures also had their lips pierced which were stretched to insert wooden, gold and jade plates. Tribes in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands used to pierce their noses with bones, tusks and feathers. The practice of piercing different body parts was not only used as part of religious or tribal rituals, but also to enhance attractiveness and sexuality. for best tattoos artist Kavita Dave & Viraj Patel's first and only tattoo & piercing studio of Ahmedabad since 1997 working on International Standards: they welcome you to inspect her-his workmanship, its body art which is very much different from making an art on canvas or paper. BEAWARE of SCRATCHERS, its recomended to inspect the tattoo studio properly before getting a tattoo done. You should always ask about the designs : website : and tattoo making process from the artist. Always remember that the Tattoo Artist should be always available on the studio and should purely work on tattoos as a professional. Tattoo making in a Hair Art parlour(Salon), Beauty parlour, gym : take proper information before getting your tattoo Done. An individual working on many business simultaneously can never be a good tattoo Artist : BEWARE. For best tattoos & piercing you get free advise contect DN TATTOOS STUDIO 7, Shiddh Shilp Complex, Opp. Ashoknagar Gate-1, Between Vrajvihar-3 & Panjari, Preranatirth Derasar Road, Jodhpur-Satellite, Ahmedabad-55. Gujarat, India M. : 09824323839 www.dntattoos.com


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