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Never knew art could change my life forever. Always wanted to be good in drawing and felt was never good compared to my friends in school. Studied in St Joseph's Boys high school. Always had the "Josephite" blood wanting me to push it to a whole new level.Tattoos caught my eyes, felt I could design it too. Watched 'biker build off' on travel and living and wanted to do artwork like them, 2003 started sketching flame art and designing tattoos, first sketch was of Mother Mary. Started tattooing with pens and markers all over Bangalore at malls, clubs, schools and colleges. 2006 joined Animation training school Bangalore and took up 2D animation to become even more better in sketching, thanks to Chayan Hazra, my animation master. I was interviewed by TV 9 news channel for temporary tattooing and fabric paintings which was aired on January 1st 2008, March 15th 2008 , my whole world of art changed forever, achieved what I wanted to do {tattooing} took me 5 years of sketching, got a chance to tattoo in salon and skin studio called Hairizon, I have no words to thank Mr. Sanjay and Mrs. Pearl for giving me the chance to tattoo in their studio, its been over 11 months that I have been tattooing in their studio at commercial street, Bangalore. Now I also freelance tattooing everywhere in Bangalore.

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Dominink

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