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We are a large, old fashion tattoo shop, established 31 years in Central Texas, next to Fort Hood Army Base.

We not only serving Central Texas area, also the people from every state of American, and people from other countries.

We not only do our best to service our soldiers come back from the front line, we also chat with them with concern and care in every way about life, let them know that we are proud of them for service with dedication and honor and welcome home! said The Dragon Lady and all the artists.

The Art of Tattoo is our passion! We marked you for your life journey, also our too, because we are with you at that moment.

We are Artist member of National Tattoo Association over 30 years.

As St. Augustine stated in his Confessions, "All the loveliness which passes through men's minds into their skillful hands comes from the supreme loveliness which is above our soul, which my soul sighs for day and night."

Sidewinder Sam is retired from tattooing, but still attented the shop 3-4 hrs a day, talk to customers, and artists in the shop. Working on his beloved oil paintings and take care his animal orphanage.

Dragon Lady is semi-retired from tattooing, just managing the shop and her commercial real estate business, and paint some times.

But we do have customers demand one of us to do the works some time.

www.mydragonlady.com www.r-harvey.com


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Dragonladdy

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