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Electric Art
.. ‘Electric Art’ tattoo studio was founded in 1997 in Varna, Bulgaria by Toshe and Ivan. They’ve been doing tattoos for over 10 years and the art has turned from a hobby into their profession and vocation. In the studio also works a professional piercer – Dee. She’s been having a passion for piercing for many years and has been doing it professionally for over 5 years now. ‘It’s not just my job’, she says, ‘It’s my lifestyle’. ‘Electric Art’ has won prizes at most tattoo fests held in Bulgaria so far, and was a co-organiser of one of the first such events in 1999 in Varna, where it got 1st place for back and 3rd place for colour tattoo. In the same year at the Bourgas Tattoo Fest it won 1st place for lady’s tattoo, and at the Shoumen Tattoo Fest it got 3rd places for trible and lady’s tattoos. In 2004 at the Varna Tattoo Fest it got the award for tattoo on the spot, and 2nd place for trible tattoo. ‘Electric Art’ is a place where even the most capricious clients can find what they want. The studio is professionally equipped and meets all hygiene requirements. The materials used for tattoo-making are non-toxic and plant-derived, so they are safe for people with sensitive skin. Clients can choose among thousands of designs, get answers to all their questions and have their favourite tattoo done in a comfortable and friendly environment.
TEL: 0898548657, 0886798207
Varna Stefan Karadja 10

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/ElectricArt

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