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Ettore Bechis
If you're interested in getting tattooed by me, the new shop"Absolution Tattoo Lounge" (Corso Unità d'Italia in Cantù (COMO)Italy) is up and running and I will be taking appointments! Email at info@tatuatore.eu for information. Thanks, and Rock&Roll! My name is Ettore Bechis and I am from Turin but, by choice, I have spent most of the last few years traveling the world. After studying as a designer of graphic publicity I left my city and worked for a long time in tourist resorts as a scenographer. It has been an exciting experience that has allowed me to travel and meet many people. Once back in Italy, together with my partner, we opened an art studio where we designed scenery for RAI and MEDIASET TELEVISION and for Commercial Centres. One day, whilst traveling for work purposes in Brazil, my attention was caught by a publicity insert in a local tattoo magazine- "Kit para tatuagem". I must admit that tattooing had always fascinated me, nevertheless the technique gave me the impression of being difficult and mysterious! The temptation was too strong, so I bought myself the kit and with advice from a friend who was a tattooist I learned the basics and my confidence in this art was reinforced. I don't know if Brazilians are brave or foolish but it is a fact that I started to tattoo full time. When I returned to Italy I met Alessandro Doria of the "Alessandro Doria Tattoo Studio" in Casale Monferrato with whom I started a profitable collaboration which improved both my technique and style. After some time Alessandro introduced me to Claudio Pittan and I started to collaborate also with "Pittan Tattoo" of Milan. Between 2007 and 2008 I've been in South Beach (Miami), where i lived for 6 months and where I worked in the tattoo studios: "MOSH PITT tattoo" , "THE INDUSTRY tattoo" and "SALVATION tattoo lounge".

http:// www.tatuatore.eu

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/EttoreBechis

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