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Flesh Graffiti Tattoo
I have been in the tattoo business for 15 + years.I started out a kitchen tattooist just like many of us because back in the day no one wanted to share their secrets of the trade with anyone, it was very hard to get in to a shop so i was forced to learn on my own.Not the best way to go about it but i had a desire to tattoo i love everything about it,i don't do it for the money,i do it for the love of the art.I have owned my own shop for 4 years in london kentucky, now i'm opening in palm bay florida this november.I don't do drugs of any kind and only drink very little,there's no place for that in a tattoo shop i've seen so many shops close because of that junk.I plan to be around for a long time,i run a clean,friendly and sterile shop no reusing needles here.I make a point to always open the needles in front of my clients so they have peace of mind knowing their needle is new.I don't rush my work,i believe in quality not quantity i'm not one of those people rushing to get you out of my chair to get the next person in,i like return business thats the way i've always operated and always will.We would like to make your experience at Flesh Graffiti Tattoo to be a great one so stop in and see if we can take your idea and turn it into a work of art. thanks drew

Drew Deskins
3200 Dixie Hwy suite 5
Palm Bay FL 32905 us
Phone: 321-914-0863

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/FleshGraffitiTattoo

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