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From a small village of Aughrim in Ireland, Fllann has been a professional tattooist for over 5 years. Always artistic it wasn't until later in life that he began exploring the depths of his talent. Starting as a teen designing pub signage with his French arts teacher, and making furniture he developed a strong interest in typography, cartooning, scrimshaw, Carnival, Chinese block painting and later did some illustration for newspapers. He then went to work in unrelated fields, only rediscovering his passion for art during the process of being tattooed. Being tattooed became a turning point and after many painful hours was offered an apprenticeship with long time friend and traditional tattoo artist “Sean strange “ of steel beauty to learn the difficult art of tattooing. He then spent several years learning and honing his technical skills before branching off on his own. His style of tattooing and the inevitable link between fine art has recently led him to explore his designs away from the skin. Drawing inspiration from classic artists such as sailor Jerry, M.C Echer, Duke riley, his work began with a strong, old school style. As his career continued he has continued to explore classic themes such as Japanese traditional tattoo art and incorporating influences from new artist such as Audrey kawasaki and Tattooist/ Artist Angelique Houtkamp , Bob Tyrrell, With a focus on the female form and playful bold compositions his work can take on a dark and sinister undertone, with beauty and death being a consistent theme. Fllanns process starts with freehand outlines of designs and idea’s on rice paper and then develops depending on outcome.



Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Fllann

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