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Gabriel Cece
I am the owner of the first custom tattoo studio in Virginia Beach. We are called Studio Evolve and we look over the infamous Mount Trashmore right off the S. Independance exit on 264. Check out the website www.studioevolvetattoo.com and see our page on this website to see our portfolios, pics of the shop, and an overall view of what we are all about. We are currently looking for other custom artists to join our tattoo family, so please contact me if you are or know of anyone looking for a position in a great shop with an artistic vibe. Having been tattooing since 1995, I’ve sat at many a station, worn several hats at different stages of my career, and had the pleasure of working next to some of the most creative individuals I’ve ever known…being in Hampton Roads since spring of 2004 has been no different…a great learning experience this has been so far, and i'll be looking forward to a long stay or great future here, as now owning, operating, and working out of studio evolve in virginia beach, will make this place my home for a long time to come...In my time in the Tidewater region, I believe that I have become more of the tattooer that I always was, and more in touch with my own way or style of doing things…my color palate has expanded, my approach to all projects big and small has gotten smoother and more systematic…my tattoos and artwork have improved in part because of the environment I am in, the artists around me, and the open minded clientele who choose me to do their work…hopefully, the year 2010 will be the best so far, and a sign of the what is to come of my future in this industry… In my 15th year as a tattooer, my artistic interests outside of tattooing are still the same…when I can find the time, I very much enjoy painting in oils , acrylics or watercolors, I still like to draw in colored pencils or marker, and taking 35mm photographs…my artistic influences are much the same as they’ve always been…visionary and spiritual arts, religious arts and iconography, surrealism , the Victorian and nouveau eras, art throughout history from the Asian continent, and of course American pop culture…with all of these interests and influences, my work has moved to a more balanced level, employing symmetry and asymmetry incorporated with the flow of the body, and using as much color or tone as possible in every piece that I do…pushing my own limits, boundaries, and perceptions, along with the limits of skin, to improve with every single tattoo I have the opportunity to work on, for every client that sits in my chair… ...availabilty... If asked what my favorite style to work in is, I would reply that as long as I am tattooing, I’m happy…but, for as much as I appreciate black and gray work for its classical appeal, I prefer working in color…exploring the possibilities of texture, tone and contrast without much use of black or white…rather, relying on the perfect scientific theories of the color wheel and all of its possibilities…I also very much enjoy the challenges of doing cover-up work in any degree, and welcome the opportunity to rework or cover whatever comes my way…in any case, the larger I get to tattoo, the better…as I progress in my career, I’m doing mostly large scale pieces, and look forward to more…as such, many of the tattoos I do these days are multiple session work at an hourly rate… I'm now tattooing out of and operating studio evolve tattoo, Mondays through saturdays, 11am until 9 pm, doing two, 3 hour appointments per day; one at eleven thirty am, and another at three thirty pm…I’m usually booked three months ahead of time, and prefer to have an in person, or email, consultation with my clients before I schedule any time for them…please stop in the shop, email, or visit any of the social networking sites i am on, for more information… www.gabrielcece.com www.myspace.com/gabrielcece www.inkednation.com/gabrielcece www.tattoonow.com/gabriel-cece www.studioevolvetattoo.com


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/GabrielCece

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