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Ink'n Iron (Best in show) Sleeve

Ink'n Iron (Best in show) Sleeve

Posted by Murran Billi on 12/21/2010
 Featured by Johnathan Vanderpool on 12/21/2010
 Nominated for Feature by Attila-bizzzarttattoo on 12/21/2010

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 Artist:   Murran Billi 
I tattoo since 10 years, borned in St.Tropez / France in 1973, and since then traveling around the world and interested in art. I now have my own studio near Florence / Italy, but not have lost my love for traveling, to be able to attend all the best studios. In fact I am guest in various studios and hang around with artist like BORIS / Hungary, NIKO HURTADO / California, JESS YEN / California, Carlos Torres / California only to mention a few. My style is realistic , since a few years I add a Renascence touch in a modern version. I love black and white but I'm still have fun using colors. I think that sharing visions and thoughts with other artists are the knowledge bases to grow spiritually and technically , especially for new stimulations.



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