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Juan Salgado's Gallery

Posted by Juan Salgado on 1/5/2006


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Tattoos by Juan

Tattoos by Juan

This is some of my work in Puerto Rico. Most of them are designs of my own. I always work from mind to skin,no reference whatsoever(execept for portraits or hyperrealistic themes).
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Some Drawings and Flashes

Some Drawings and Flashes

all of my drawings are from my head and completely done by hand with my prismacolors,no reference whatsoever.Hope you like em
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Juan Salgado
Hi, my name is Juan C. Salgado from Puerto Rico. I grabbed my first tattoo machine seven years ago and I haven't stoped ever since.Hope you like my work.Im actually For appointments or questions you can reach me at my shop :(787)785-4748
email: juancrayola@hotmail.com or visit my website: www.Underskintattoos.com

  • Taylor Cort
    Great work
    Taylor Cort: Love the stuff, bright colors, just awesome .... definitely have some style. I like it a lot. Hope it gets better and better ( like us all ) ...
    1/18/2006 1:43 PM
  • Juan Salgado
    Juan Salgado:
    c/marginal A-4
    Ave #167 Forest Hills
    Bayamon P.R. 00959


    Juan C. Salgado
    2/21/2006 6:24 AM
  • Alex Alien
    Alex Alien: buen trabajo,los colores quedan solidos,y en general todos tus trabajos,felicidades.
    6/11/2006 7:34 PM
  • Juan Salgado
    Juan Salgado: hasta ahora voy a estar disponible pero me llamas cuando se este cercando la fecha para cuadrar. cuidate!
    8/21/2006 1:02 PM
  • Miguel Escrich
    eh salgado.
    Miguel Escrich: tu trabajo es cabal.
    un reconocimiento y un saludo.
    prospero aņo nuevo.
    12/24/2006 1:00 AM
  • Pitt-Bull Tattoo
    Pitt-Bull Tattoo: amazing works my respect.
    11/22/2007 9:22 AM
  • Berat Bumin
    Berat Bumin: welldone!you crazy:) i like your style dude! great use of colours!take care...
    1/5/2008 5:02 PM
  • Homeboy Tattoos
    Homeboy Tattoos: someone whos work can be looked up to well done.
    4/17/2008 4:04 AM

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