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Couple of Wolf theme Tattoos

Couple of Wolf theme Tattoos

Posted by Itsmybodytattoos.com Ron on 1/29/2006
Two Tattoos of the Wolf, both have meaning as spirt beings to there owners. Yes even though they both have there birth in Flash,you never know what a client is thinking.

Wolf and Eagle
half a look , shoulder piece started with some Judy Parker Flash as insperation.
288 x 368 px  (23 KB)
Wolf and Eagle
Other side look
240 x 352 px  (22 KB)
Black and Gray Wolf and Moon
240 x 304 px  (20 KB)

 Artist:   Itsmybodytattoos.com Ron  ( ) Contact Artist 
Itsmybodytattoos.com Ron
art for arts sake...thanks for looking I love getting to do this for a living...we don't take life to serious, but Tattoos last a long time so the best one I ever have done is always the last. Hope you enjoy
Our new Studio at Lake Camanche North Shore is now open, this is a private personal Studio geared for Tattoos by Appointment. Walk ins welcome but will not be squeezed in between Appointment work. Pricing is weighted to half day, and full day Appointments allowing for large Art pieces at fair prices. Contact for full details. As well as offering Award winning Tattoos we also offer Art on Canvas, Originals and Numbered and signed Prints from world class Tattoo Artists the likes of Arron Bell, Bugs, Jeremiah Barba, Jeff Gogue, Mark Longenecker, Judy Parker and many more.
Even though we are a small private family run Studio, look for Top Name Tattoo Artists coming by for a visit and some guest settings in the near future.
Ron still plans a schedule to include Guest settings in SoCal. and a regular Convention schedule details for 2007 upcoming on the web.
For your SAFETY I use only Total Disposable Supplies, including single use only Tube, Tip, and Needle setups as well as Vegan safe Ink without trace Amines.
Future Plans include a Laser for Tattoo removal to help with Cover-up work and to just get rid off unwanted ink, all future Laser work will be performed by a Ca.RN (TatNurseKathie) with MD over site. Late Spring 2007.
Come by for a visit we believe a Tattoo is a life experience as well as Art, and our new Studio by the Lake is being designed for that experience. Thanks and hope you enjoy my work, Ron.

Ron Moede
4240 Camanche Pkwy. No. #3
Lake Camanche North
Ione, CA 95640 US
Phone: (209) 257-4739

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