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Lil John Passed away.

Lil John Passed away.

Posted by Brandon Bond on 1/31/2008
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Yesterday the tattoo community suffered a terrible loss. I have flown our new shop manager Daron back home to NC as one of our mutual friends passed away today.

Little John Bury from Little Johns Tattoo and the Noth Carolina conventions, who is seen in both of our stranglehold movies and has pictures in many galleries on our website site. Died.

Really no easy way to type that and make it sound any better than it is. I apologise for my directness, but thats how I am, and more importantly, thats how John was.

My love and full support go out to his family of artists, his kids, his new grandkid, and his parents, all of whom I have had the honor of meeting on several occasions.

He was an extremely young man. Literally. Dont let the word grankid fool you.

It is a gift for me to be able to say I had the pleasure of knowing John, he was very influential to me as a young artist, he gave me a booth at his show when no one else would yet, he always encouraged me when he saw my sucesses in this journey, he always called me when an article of mine came out, he always encouraged me, and he knew how to party like no other. He and I shared many interests, pit bulls, tattoo shops, women, and other various interests as well. He was a hustler, a workaholic, an incredible artist, and an inspiration to an army of people.

I have learned a lot from his life, and also from his death.

Our Next Film, See you in Hell 2 will will be dedicated to his memory and our time together. Apropraitely we had already named the title of our next documentary "BURNING BOTH ENDS" and no one knew how to do that better than John.

He will be missed by many.

Brandon Bond and the entire Family of All or Nothing

RIP Little J
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Brandon Bond
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    An Artist Who Tattoos: When starting as a tattoo artist it is very important and life changing when those that came before you take the time to have something as small as a conversation with you, about what you both are so passionate about. The guys who have been in the trench digging it for the rest of us to follow, without such a struggle.To you I say thanx. Thanx brandon, nate, rodney, paul, guy, larry, joe,all you guys. And thanx to you John
    1/31/2008 11:21 AM

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