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Autumn Sunflower

Autumn Sunflower

Posted by Emily Hefley on 1/31/2008
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This tattoo is on the thigh, covering a nasty scar from a car accident.

Autumn Sunflower
This tattoo is on the thigh covering a nasty scar from a car accident.
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 Artist:   Emily Hefley  Contact Artist 
Emily Hefley
Hi There,
Ive been working in Charlotte NC at Cosmic Tattoos since 2002. I have a marvelous time with my clients, and find joy in even the smallest designs. I am very passionate about my artwork whether it be on skin, paper,or canvas. Thanks for purusing my portfolio here, and if you ever find yourself in Charlotte, stop on into the shop!

Emily Hefley
3927 Monroe Rd.
Charlotte NC 28205 US
Phone: 704-334-2707


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