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Joe's Dragon, The begining
Joe came from Kansas to have me do this piece. This is just the beginning. It will continue on to his back.

Joe Dragon 1st sitting
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Joe Dragon lines, first sitting
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Second sitting on Joe's Dragon.

Second sitting on Joe's Dragon.

Another trip from Kansas for another day of pain. This guy sits all day and makes it look easy.
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Richie Streate-TheDungeonInc.com
Studio Site at: http://thedungeoninc.com

I love to do color work. But I am up for anything. Many people come to me for my attention to detail and one of a kind tattoos.
Although I have only been Tattooing since 2001. I have been an Artist since I could pick up a pencil. I was always drawing something. I can only feel privileged to have so many friends/clients that love my work as much as I love to do it.
A special thanks to everyone that works so hard to put this site together. I have been contacted by people from across the US and beyond for everything from artwork, doing tattoos, and news articles. It's been very cool.
Be sure to check out our new site at http://thedungeoninc.com

503 Main St.
Canon City CO 81223 US
Phone: 719-275-5050

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