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Matts arm

Matts arm

Posted by Chris Rand on 3/5/2012
 Nominated for Feature by Luba Goldina on 3/6/2012
A collage of different paintings by Greg Craola Simkins.

Matts Arm
Craola 1/2 sleeve
955 x 695 px  (99 KB)

 Artist:   Chris Rand  Contact Artist 
Chris Rand
There are so many talented artists that I admire and I thank them for advancing this art form so much ....I myself strive to give my clients my best every time as we all do... my own collection of works are from my father Dave, Boris (of Hungary), Mike Devries and Carson Hill..If your an artist or collector and you find yourself down under I am a phone call or email away..peace :)

Chris Rand
322 Windang Road
NSW Australia  2528 
Phone: 61242956430

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