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Joe tacas

Joe tacas

Posted by Aujasinked on 3/25/2018
Mostly ur choose I ain't woren it!!

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Qvo to all mi hente and wats up everyone this is who your used joetatt with our multiple races out there im Joe tacas so we will now get into the bla black bla bla bla and bla naw I'm originally a prison taught tattoo artist that like most of us have a hard time dealing with the streets apprentice laws but as we are business type and moneymakers tring to stay away from the street hustlar bla bla bla bla and ya!
> Lic# with the SNHD tattoo operator and born patho,and hep a,b,c cert...
>Exp.sin city's famous dan street Jackson absolute tattoos currently (koolsville tattoos) a great teacher and well bro koolest wood on the las Vegas blvd strip life Nevada

>Exp. Another las vegas tattoo owner out one presenter renal sur mc supporter renal at mystical tattoos on our enter city's Nevada..

I'll be short and frank I'm. A intelligent,observant, and strict piece of shit so I like my whatever it is to be done right and no back tracking tattoos are permanent and not any other professional tattoo artists now how to explain doing a cover up of what u still are doing!!!

www.tattoo artists.org/aujasinked

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