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La Natra's Gallery

La Natra's Gallery

Posted by La Natra on 6/15/2006
I am currently a tattoo artist and Illustration student at AiFL. I work at: Eternal Ink Custom Tattoo Shop 12500 west state rd. 84 Davie, FL.


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Illustrations by La Natra

Illustrations by La Natra

Some work I've done in other mediums
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Ink by La Natra

Ink by La Natra

Just a little taste of my work and whats to come.
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La Natra
Frank La Natra
12500 West State Rd. 84
Davie FL  

  • Wheelyum INK
    hey man..
    Wheelyum INK: ty u very much for writting back ..and i have been doing that and ur right all in all i am trying the small strokes to put in colors and it is looking good today..i really ty for tattoo guys like u to get me better everyday and make me someone here in chattaooga i am doing tatts in a shop now and in three monthes i think i will be very good ...and ty and all the great ones out there...semper fi
    1/31/2008 1:03 PM
  • Berat Bumin
    Berat Bumin: You have a nice archive man..
    My respect
    5/1/2009 12:01 AM

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