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Lisa Schmoldt's Gallery

Lisa Schmoldt's Gallery

Posted by Lisa Schmoldt on 3/24/2005
The Clients internal visions manifested in skin...Their body as a walking canvas of art...I'm not only a technical tattooer but also have the ability to replicate photo realism as well as customized creations reflecting my own artistic style..


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A Collection of Faeries

A Collection of Faeries

a collection of beloved FAE tattoos inspired by Amy Brown and Brian Froud ...by award winning female tattoo artist Lisa Schmoldt
of Southwest Florida and beyond.

Faerie~Fairy~Faery anyway you spell it...it has wings and it's a "tiny angel" close to nature and the earth realm..
(24 images, 28 comments)
A Cover-up Gallery

A Cover-up Gallery

This is a gallery of before during and after photos I had hiding here and there on my computer...I will add more as I find them...
twice I have placed in the catergory of best cover-up at conventions ...silly me for never having a gallery showing them...ENJOY!!!
(8 images)
A Gallery of Beautiful Floral Designs

A Gallery of Beautiful Floral Designs

a Splash of Color.. a blossoming gallery filled with all sorts of of assorted Floral designs.by award winning female artist Lisa Schmoldt
(24 images, 24 comments)
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A Gallery of Photo Realism

A Gallery of Photo Realism

a gallery of Black and grey and some color photo realism tattoos I have done over the years...These tattoos are just as it sounds photo replication of a visual reference source...
tattooing by Lisa Schmoldt www.qweenovpain.com
(16 images, 7 comments)
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Customized Creations in Skin

Customized Creations in Skin

Large works that are the vision and idea of the client that I am put to the test to render in skin...their vision reflected outwardly to the world around us...it is very important to me that what you wear reflects who you are as a person on the inside...after all humans say "do not judge a book by it's cover" but we all know it's the covers that draw attention to the stories.
(16 images, 8 comments)
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Customized Traditonal Designs

Customized Traditonal Designs

a collection of tattoos with a more modernized customized 'traditional' look to them by Lisa Schmoldt
all of you traditional guys wont find anything 'old skool' traditional about these works...to me that means clean solid outline ...shading and solid bold colors.
(10 images, 3 comments)
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Lisa Schmoldt's Japenese style tattoos

Lisa Schmoldt's Japenese style tattoos

traditional as well as customized oriental/asian inspired design concepts in skin..by award winning female tattoo artist Lisa Schmoldt
(10 images, 27 comments)
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Native American Totem

Native American Totem

(2 images, 1 comment)
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New additions April 2006

New additions April 2006

well it's june so these will need gallery relocation...bear with me ...organization is not a scorpio trait..
(6 images, 6 comments)
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NEW Faeries!!!

NEW Faeries!!!

These have all been personalized ...please have respect for the wearer...and create your own vision...

many thanks from me as well as my clients!
(8 images)
New Floral pieces...

New Floral pieces...

working on gallery updates...
stay tuned...Thanks for viewing and thanks for all your comments...many new clients say they found out about me first from Tattoo Artist.org
(7 images, 2 comments)
new Otherside INK

new Otherside INK

hard to believe its been half a year Ive been out on my own...still creating beautiful imagery...still suck at remembering to take pictures ...still traveling and now working with three of my co-workers from my old stomping grounds...the grass is greener on the otherside!!!
(18 images)
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New Year New Stuff!!!

New Year New Stuff!!!

havent posted anything over here in awhile ...so, here you go...enjoy...
(21 images)
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Otherside Ink

Otherside Ink

The new stuff...I've been busy buzzing away with new studio and new travels...check it out!!!
(15 images, 4 comments)
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Otherside Ink

Otherside Ink

New studio for Lisa Schmoldt opening September 1 2006
(13 images, 2 comments)
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random gallery

random gallery

need to relocate these to their appropriate galleries...
(24 images, 2 comments)
random gallery 2

random gallery 2

outdate update page ...working on relocating these phots...
(18 images, 4 comments)
Summer 2006 New Tattoos

Summer 2006 New Tattoos

Updated latest images of this summers latest tattoos...
(10 images, 1 comment)

 Artist:   Lisa Schmoldt  ( ) Contact Artist 
Lisa Schmoldt
www.othersideink.com I have been in and around tattooing now for what 12-15 years now...and to this day Im amazed at where it has taken me...my travels have increased to two shows a month in 2006 and Australia..my first passport stamp..my abilities still burgeoning..and I'm in awe of the direction this art form has taken. I'm 42 now..and while I still feel and act 25..I realize I have a new generation to keep up with...with your help as clients I think we're doing a good job!in the words of the beloved Suzanne Fauser who is not longer with us.. "Go forth and live as art!!!"


  • Tattoos By Paul
    Tattoos By Paul: You're very versitile. I like the bright colors a lot. Really good. Nice tattoos.
    7/18/2005 3:09 PM
  • Aussie Smithy
    Great work
    Aussie Smithy: your work speaks for itself.you definitely know your stuff Lisa,i'm impressed at your diversity,and your application to the skin.
    9/5/2005 8:25 PM
  • Erika Stanley
    Love having you in Los Angeles
    Erika Stanley: Hey Lisa!

    It's always a great time to have you in our shop in Los Angeles. Hopefully we can make this a quarterly thing! But seriously. You're a great friend and one hell of a tattoo maker! :)

    Erika Stanley
    9/27/2005 10:17 AM
  • Alex Alien
    Alex Alien: many women are making tattoos rigth now but now like you,your work is great keep doing the same for a long time and congratulations.
    10/10/2005 1:11 PM
  • Lisa Schmoldt
    reply to Amaya
    Lisa Schmoldt: ...I absolutley LOVE the art of Susan Seddon Boulet...I have always wanted to render something like that in skin..tattoosbylisa.com and you can get to my email. by all means stay in touch with me for my california trips!!

    Lisa Schmoldt
    12/11/2005 9:51 AM
  • Albert Rosal
    awsome work
    Albert Rosal: hey there I've seen you in Detroit last year.........and I was very impresed by your work.............keep up the great work............
    see you in Detroit 06
    12/15/2005 7:22 PM
  • Darrin White
    Darrin White: really nice work
    1/12/2006 4:04 PM
  • Itsmybodytattoos.com Ron
    looked at every page
    Itsmybodytattoos.com Ron: not only every page each Tattoo on every page in a word fantastic guess that makes me a fan love your work what a talented all around artist any flash sets... easy to see why you are at the top of field.. are you coming to the west coast soon .. b4 I run out of skin ...great stuff keep it up..just relised I should check you web site thanks for the eye candy...Ron
    1/13/2006 8:11 AM
  • Erika Stanley
    Erika Stanley: And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks so!

    Tattoo Sista from California! Missing you!

    Erika Stanley
    1/16/2006 9:07 AM
  • Steve Clark
    Fantastic Work
    Steve Clark: Love all the work you do.
    1/17/2006 1:20 PM
  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart: most impressive , excellent use of color and shading with negative space and superb clarity
    great work
    1/26/2006 4:29 PM
  • Brian Hopson
    Brian Hopson: nice work!
    1/26/2006 6:29 PM
  • Lisa Schmoldt
    Lisa Schmoldt: never been to Virginia...
    but you can see my complete travel schedule at
    2/6/2006 10:43 PM
  • Richie Streate-TheDungeonInc.com
    Beautiful Lisa
    Richie Streate-TheDungeonInc.com: Really nice work. Very clean.
    2/10/2006 0:01 AM
  • NP_Lee
    Outstanding Work
    NP Lee: Lisa, Thanks again for the Koi! Its healing wonderfully.
    2/13/2006 4:50 AM
  • Itsmybodytattoos.com Ron
    Itsmybodytattoos.com Ron: Lisa are you making appointments for guest setting at OuterLimits and do you know where Long Beach would be real fun love to get some Ink before I run out of skin Ron
    3/9/2006 9:40 AM
  • Adam Mccaskill
    great work
    Adam Mccaskill: Yeah i just wanted to tell you you have great work I envy your tallent hope to get to where you are Thank you Adam Mccaskill
    3/26/2006 1:34 PM
  • Tylermasonart
    Tylermasonart: perfect use of color. i really like the warm and cold combos. berry nize ;o)
    3/28/2006 10:09 PM
  • Problem Child
    Problem Child: Nice Work Lisa.. keep up the bad ass desines!!! Might Be looking for some work on me if u ever get to california.. take Care and God Bless..:) HUgs
    3/30/2006 4:25 AM
  • Mendi
    Hey Lisa.....
    Mendi: As always, excellent work , you go girl!!! I love your designs and I get great inspiration from looking at your work!

    LadyTAT2 aka Mendi
    Springfield, IL
    3/30/2006 3:58 PM
  • Vinnyburkhart
    I see you on here too?
    Vinnyburkhart: Hey sweetie just droppin in here to say hi
    4/13/2006 4:56 PM
  • Leftystattoostudio.com
    Great work
    Leftystattoostudio.com: I love your work. Both color and black and grey
    5/20/2006 1:43 PM
  • Yankee Shamrock
    Yankee Shamrock: Your work provided inspiration for a new tattoo artist like myself. I wish I would've started when I was younger, but better late than never. Hope to someday get some of your ink on my skin.
    6/17/2006 8:55 PM
  • Richie Streate-TheDungeonInc.com
    Just Hello......
    Richie Streate-TheDungeonInc.com: Hey Lisa, Love the pic with Erika.

    6/25/2006 1:22 PM
  • Boogie
    Boogie: Nice work its great too see good female tattoo artist we dont have them in Macedonia too bad.
    Just want to say great and i think that everithing well be just clear
    8/20/2006 1:36 PM
  • Tattooglibari
    Tattooglibari: very nice
    11/23/2006 8:50 AM
  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith: Nice work!!
    11/24/2006 7:59 AM
  • Luba Goldina
    Great Work
    Luba Goldina: You have awesome works, welldone.

    All The Best

    Luba Goldina
    1/14/2007 8:46 AM
  • Chris Vargas
    Great Inspirational Work
    Chris Vargas: I really like all of your work...especially the traditional and black and gray.

    Chris Vargas
    Big Buddha Tattoo, Tx
    4/26/2007 5:24 PM
  • lassendas
    spider veins on feet
    Lassendas: I have a few spider veins on my feet that I would like to have covered with a tattoo. is this possible to do, will the ink cover the spider veins?
    7/29/2007 5:07 PM
  • Jimmy Formas
    great feature
    Jimmy Formas: on realismn tattoo
    7/30/2007 0:39 AM
  • PauloCequina

    8/21/2007 1:12 AM
  • tattooz
    Great work!
    Tattooz: Hi Lisa!

    You are fantastic........ ;-) Great work!!!!!
    9/2/2007 1:25 PM

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