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German V
My name is German Verzegnassi
I like doing realistic and colorful tattoos when I have the chance, but everything my clients bring me is accepted with caring and humility, because I believe that excellence can be reflected in everything, even a simple "name tattoo" or a tribal... and at least in my own case, when is something that I find resistance to do, is most of the time because maybe I am not too strong in that style and not because "I am too good to do that kind of stuff" lol

I am a friendly guy that don't like to get involved in drama or bullshit, and I am basically a peaceful happy person, that have the good fortune of working in what he likes, and know how to do it in a satisfying way...

please visit my facebook page to see more

German Veryegnassi
Newark NJ 07105 us
Phone: 347-938-7095


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/GermanV

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