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Grisha Maslov
Birth of new style from Russian tattoois. Tattoos, Flash and Artistry by Grisha Maslov from Moscow. There can’t be too many tattoos, you have no them or you have few. Basically I could find myself in any creative work with full or partial freedom of self-realization and a choice of a vital position. Somewhere deep in my heart there is a dream to become the programmer or the physicist - the mathematician and to devote myself to scientific work. I like the sculpture very much, sometimes feeling inspiration I sketch figurines. I love my own poetry, brought, probably, with impressions from books read in the childhood. But the destiny has disposed, that I have chosen a way of the tattooer and I'm not going to give it up , I'm 100 %keen on it.

http:// www.tattoo-world.ru

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/GrishaMaslov

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