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Jaye Jones
Hey there! My name is Jay'e Jones, and I have been tattooing for eleven short years! I'm keeping this short and simple- tattooing is my life. Every minute of it.
...after all, there is no other way. :)

Check out my shop, Strata Tattoo Lab!
We're located @
56778 29 Palms Hwy. Suite A, Yucca Valley, Ca 92284. Contact: 760-369-8288, stratatattoolab@hotmail.com. We're on FACEBOOK! www.stratatattoolab.com .

"The creativity inherent in life is the counterbalance to tragedy. It affirms our belief that life is a good thing and provides a rich potential source of human meaning."
- Greg Graffin, Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/JayeJones

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