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Jesse Ellsworth
I Worked for One OF A Kind Tattoo in Farmington Maine, that is where i learned to tattoo. I went freelance for 4 years after working for them and i just recentaly worked for Electric Skin in Augusta Maine. I love to do colorbomb peices as well as graphity style. I also love to do black and white / Gray. I want to open my own shop next summer. This winter is two slow in maine for tattooing so i am going to work up to Sugarloaf ski resort in Maine, as a lifty. It is possible that I could be looking for some new employment for up to 6 months before I open my own shop. I would like to travel south at some point to tattoo. Also I might find the time to do some guest spots this winter.


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/JesseEllsworth

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