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Hi I'm Brandy. I am an apprintice at Dillinger Ink in Benton Illinois. I have done a couple tats. I love it because it challenges me. It takes me to the place in my mind where I don't have to think about problems. Don't have to worry about problems at home. Don't have to worry about anything. I just do what I do and do a damn good job at what I want. I have 6 tattoos. They are all in my album. I love all my tattoos. I love the pain. I love giving tattoos and recieving. Apprintiship isn't too fun but if you wanna tattoo..You just gotta deal with what they put you through. Don't like it. Don't be a tattoo artist. You just gotta do what you gotta do to make it through the day. Give 110% and do a damn good job! Get people that like you and just do it!!!!!!!
Good luck to any apprictices out there.
Good job actual tattoo artists. I'm happy to say I am on my way to being a tattoo artist. Just workin on getting my gun :D

Thanks for reading my page


Brandy Parkhill
14209 State Highway 34 East
Benton IL 62812 Un
Phone: 618-435-7320


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Jet420

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