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Jimmy Formas
ROTARY TATTOO MACHINE JIMS tattooist's. Services include all types of Body tattoo's and cosmetic tattoo. You may use your own designs or choose from our huge range. Tattoo's are performed by appointment only. my tattoo's are not performed with a traditional coil gun. We use a finest faster rotary tattoo machine that almost resembles a different classification of stainless / aluminum and bronze type of metals. All of my needles are sterilized and disposable and used only once.i am proud to uphold Health Standard requirements and keep our environment as clean as possible. my BODY ART Tattoo costs are based on the amount of work required, whether it be the detail or lots of color or just a touch up to an existing tattoo define from the satisfaction of every costumers. i Offer the best job of my knowledge in the name of tattooing industry here in Philippines. REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS Tattoo colours will be much brighter at the time of the procedure than after healing time. Healing time should take around 4days to 7days to 30 days depending upon the depth of the needles to the body of individual clients. All tattoo's will fade over the years. How long they last depends upon numerous factors, the main one being sun exposure. PRE-PROCEDURE INSTRUCTIONS All clients are advised to have eaten some time within the day prior to a tattoo procedure. NO Alcohol to be in the body at least 8 hours prior to the procedure. It is advised that sensitive skin may redden or swell slightly. Our pigments are non-toxic and meets the highest standards of quality and purity, some people may have an allergic reaction due to the sensitivity of the individual to the ink. Good health is of High importance to us and to you. I am a spot artist from the any location here in Philippines particular in Luzon.you can contact me for my job on yahoo mail @ jims_ph@yahoo.com

jimmy formas
indang cavite
cavite philipines
Phone: 09287413078


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