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I grew up in Alpena Michigan than my parents moved to lansing! i love ALL Sports especially hockey!!!! i have been into Art as long as i can remember. Drawing hockey players to all my favorite comic books really inspired me to do art for ever. My mother was also a huge inspiration cuz she was always painting and doing art since i was little. I aventually graduated high school and moved to Buffalo,NY where i played in a band on Stillborn records for 2 years. The band broke up and i became completely dedicated to trying to get an apprenticeship to Tattoo. 9 months later wallah..Thanx to Tattoo Don of Nickel City Tattoo!!! I tattooed in Buffalo for a few years than moved onto working for Brandon Bond and the All Or Nothing Tattoo crew in Atlanta,GA. I was there for two years and i have been insanely busy and drowning in art and the tattoo industry ever since. I have now decided to open my own studio here in NASHVILLE,TN called Black 13 Tattoo Parlor. This city is an amazing and is now part of Great Tattooing and i am proud to call it home. We will have many great artists from all over the world coming in to do guest spots on a regular basis. Me and my business Partner Doy Gardner are constantly working hard day in day out to push the boundaries of tattooing and bring it to our area so when you are ready to get tattooed or just wanna stop by and see some great artwork or even just say hi and check us out,We would love for anyone and everyone to be a part of all of it. i'll tell you more in my chair so come visit My new studio Black 13 Tattoo Nashville,TN http://www.myspace.com/black13tattoo http://www.myspace.com/lennyrenken http://www.myspace.com/doygardner http://www.black13tattoo.com


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