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Juan Salgado
Hi, my name is Juan C. Salgado from Puerto Rico. I grabbed my first tattoo machine seven years ago and I haven't stoped ever since.Hope you like my work.Im actually For appointments or questions you can reach me at my shop :(787)785-4748
email: juancrayola@hotmail.com or visit my website: www.Underskintattoos.com

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/JuanSalgado

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Apocalypse ( Images: 1 )

Demon ( Images: 1 )

Memorial Roses ( Images: 1 )

Radiating Death ( Images: 1 )

Tripping Baby ( Images: 3 )

Juan Salgado's Gallery ( Sub-Pages: 2  Comments: 17 )


DOUBLE BASS ( Images: 1 )

VOTE FOR JUAN SALGADO!!! ( Images: 1 )

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