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Yes,I'm a scratcher. Yes,I apprenticed,but apprenticing under a guy that doesn't even sterilize properly and rushes job so he could get paid, then go back and sit on his ass and watch t.v. isn't a "pro". will I quit? Hell NO! I uphold myself to a standard and if I can tell you suck then I don't need to learn bad habits from you.I am looking for an new apprenticeship, I am spending way more money on upgrading my equipment than I have ever made doing art on people and if these are the dues that I must pay then so be it,I love doing this.Cover-ups are my favorite,the people are ultra happy having their jailhouse or home-made gun crap covered up by decent work,and I get a tremendous kick when they look at it in the mirror and say "Kick ASS!".I will work on a piece till I am happy with it.If a piece is too hard for me to do then I recommend they go to a "pro".I will not tattoo on the hands or above the neckline.I get turned off by artists that lie to customers to make more money.My fiancee was told that a small tattoo she wanted would have to be done in 2 sittings at $75 each,to get a tattoo that is a one sitting no-brainer.I have had artists tell me their inks are $200 a 1 oz bottle,as if they thought I was a moron.My goal is to EARN the respect of my fellow artists(good,honest,real pros) and the people I work on.

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