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Lauren Bergman LiL Lauren
Hey, My name is Lauren Bergman =) this is the first site ive used in regards to my tattooing ive been in a tattoo studio my whole life im 14 years old now and my dad (Jim Berman) didnt insist but did encourage me to learn as much as i could from him, from being in the shop , and from other profesional artists a few years ago i decided to listen to that advice, so technicly im starting the third year of my aprenticeship i know some of you might be laffing"haha ya right a 14 year old tattoo artist" but im serious i love the art ,always have im just starting to see that i can actualy do this if i realy try and with my dads help and help from other pros i wont end up some idiot like alot of my friends who think tattooing is something you do in your kitchen,so far i can silver solder just about anything you put in front of me and im good at it i make needles that get used in the shop, i can build a machine...welll i can asemble a machine and not just asemble it but tune it and make it work properly, if anything in the shop breaks, i know how to fix it. And today 6/20/08 i did my first tattoo on a person so my dad says i should start my portfolio im realy proud of what i did today and now im fully blown away by tattooing,this is what i want to do, FOR SURE!

Lauren Bergman
411 N. Commercial St.
Trinidad CO 81082 
Phone: 719 846 7003

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/LaurenBergmanLiLLauren

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