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my names Robert Austin green aka LeTeflon. Im 21 years old, and reside in Dallas, Texas. I have always loved drawing and style of tattoos. I also love the medium, and find completing a piece of art on someones skin the most challenging and natural form of art to me. I began teaching myself how to tattoo about a year ago with a cheap tattoo starting kit, the equipment isn't that great but it is equipment and not completely impossible to use. since then I have studied different styles of tattooing and watched and continue to watch a ton of YouTube videos then research the techniques i hear. I've learned alottt about the machine and how I like to set it up for my personal lining speed, all shading except solid black color packing is still new to me, but I have started to experiment with gradient shading, whip it techniques, etc.. I hope to be able to post my tattoo pictures on here and receive some feedback and the opinion of you fellow tattoo enthusiast/ artist on any knowledge of how to better myself as a tattoo artist or artist as a whole. I have much to learn and many questions so any help and constructive criticism is very much WANTED and appreciated.

Austin LeTeflon Green
Dallas, Texas 75252
Dallas TX 75252 US
Phone: 214 854 8763

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/LeTeflon

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