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Lil Rat
Lil' Rat, the owner of Beyond Taboo Tattoo & Piercing Studios, has been a Tattooist since 1980. He owns two very popular and efficient tattoo studios under the name Beyond Taboo Tattoo & Piercing Studios. One studio is located about 1 hour South of Atlanta, in Macon, Ga and one is about 20 minutes North of Jacksonville, in Fernandina Beach, Fl.

He is currently Tattooing at the Fernandina Beach, Fl. location. He specializes in cover-ups, reworking old tattoos, and old school work, but otherwise is a pretty versatile Tattooist. He is also available for appointments, for those devoted collectors that prefer his work. Lil' Rat, along with the rest of the crew, is certified in First Aid, CPR, AED, and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Our hand selected artists are proudly known as "The Beyond Taboo Crew" and have a sincere respect for the Tattoo Industry and those who paved the way for us today. These energetic artists constantly strive to further their knowledge of Tattooing, from the Oldest Traditions in the art to the newest trends and styles.

Lil' Rat, having over 32 years of experience in the tattoo industry, says; "A couple of things that contribute to the popularity and success of my studios, are that we use the highest quality Tattoo Pigments and Tattoo Equipment available. This is complimented by the fact we have a crew of excellent artists qualified to do, not only Flash Designs, but also Portraits, Old School, New Skool, Oriental, Celtic... or get a custom and unique Tattoo designed just for you. They can also completely refurbish old and faded tattoos with more modern pigments or cover them up with colorful designs."

"I contribute my personal success not only to my love for the tattoo industry and tattooed people, but to the very valuable knowledge I had the honor of acquiring from some of the pioneers of tattooing, such as "Sailor Bill" Killingsworth, Lyle Tuttle, Gill "The Drill" Montie, Zeke Owen, and Sailor Barney to name only a few."

3593 Mercer University Drive,
Macon, Georgia
NOON - MIDNIGHT Seven Days a Week

1893 South 8th St
Fernandina Beach, Florida
(904) 491-5556
Open 7 days


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/LilRat

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