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We are currently looking for talented artists to add to our growing team of flash artists for both:

www.LiquidSkin.com www.SkinU.com
Liquid Skin currently works with over 100 Professional Tattoo Artists Worldwide promoting their flash to studios across the globe. Our full color catalog goes out to over 7000 studios across the states and a select mailing to Canada. We attend multiple conventions and advertise in different trade publications. Working with Liquid Skin and SkinU.com will give your work maximum exposure and will allow you to create a nice income.

SkinU.com is designed to sell single tattoo designs directly to the consumer. SkinU.com currently receives about 20,000 hits a day (6/22/06) from the genral public looking for tattoo designs to purchase. By joining our team you can start earning a residual income in no time.

Your flash must be well drawn and on a professional level. If you have questions or samples you would like to send us please contact us at:

Thanks For Your Interest.
Ken Ican
www.SkinU.com www.LiquidSkin.com

Ken Ican
44136 OH  
Phone: 1-888-851-6214


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/LiquidSkincomSkinUcom

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