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Lisa Schmoldt
www.othersideink.com I have been in and around tattooing now for what 12-15 years now...and to this day Im amazed at where it has taken me...my travels have increased to two shows a month in 2006 and Australia..my first passport stamp..my abilities still burgeoning..and I'm in awe of the direction this art form has taken. I'm 42 now..and while I still feel and act 25..I realize I have a new generation to keep up with...with your help as clients I think we're doing a good job!in the words of the beloved Suzanne Fauser who is not longer with us.. "Go forth and live as art!!!"

Lisa Schmoldt Otherside Ink Corporation
2208 El Jobean Rd (776)
suite #3
Port Charlotte FL 33954 US
Phone: 941-766-1465


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/LisaSchmoldt

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