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Micah Langsholt
Greetings everyone, Micah Langsholt here from Micah's Twisted Tattoo Co. in Layton, Utah. I have been tattooing professionally since 1991 and doing professional body piercing since 1994. Some of the tattoos I have posted here are many years old and a few are new. I enjoy doing portrait and black and grey work, especially images of a darker nature but I do all styles of tattoos. If you have any questions or need an appointment please call the studio at 801-593-5976 NOON-7PM MON-SAT.

Micah Langsholt
45 East Gentile #6
Layton UT 84041 US
Phone: 801-593-5976

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/MicahLangsholt

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