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Laser Tattoo Remover
Laser Tattoo Remover Item NO. : 2100802
Category: Laser Tattoo Remover
Size : 580x320x380mm
Material :
Packing : 1pcs/box
Packing Weight : 15000g

Description :
Wavelength: 1064nm 532nm
Type of laser: sapphire+ruby switch Q, KTP/ YAG laser insrument
Pulse energy:1380mj
Width of pulse: 6ns
Frequency: 1-5Hz
Spot diameter: 1-8mm
Cooling system: wind + water +semiconductor
Size: 410**240**210cm
Weight: 18?K
Voltage: 220V**110V*'5A 50Hz


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Tattoo Eyebrow Laser Remover Machine

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