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Free ShippingTop Cheapest Laser Tattoo Removal Beauty Equipment
Free ShippingTop Cheapest Laser Tattoo Removal Beauty Equipment Item NO. : 2100804
Category: Laser Tattoo Remover
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Packing : 1pcs/box
packing Weight : 14860g

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Principle of Treatment
Laser uses the high energy laser beams emitted by a sapphire to effectively smash pigments inside pathologically changed tissues, i.e. light explosion and photo-thermolysis principle: the high energy produced by the laser is emitted instantly, so that laser beams with a fixed wavelength can penetrate the epidermis into pathologically changed tissues within a certain working time (12ns), and quickly smash corresponding pigments, which expand rapidly and explode instantly due to extreme heat. A part of the pigment cluster (on the surface of the epidermis) pops out of the body, a part of the pigment cluster (inside basal tissues) are smashed into fine particles that can be devoured by macrophages, while some dirt and cuticle remaining on skin epidermis are smashed and decomposed by the principle of active carbon explosion, then devoured and digested by macrophages, and finally expelled out of the body via the circulation of the human lymphatic system, thus the pigments in the pathologically changed tissues will fade out and disappear gradually. And yet no damage will be done to the normal skin tissues in the vicinity since they do not absorb laser beams with a certain wavelength.

For the manual of the this laser machine in PDF format,please request our sales for updating.


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Free Shipping Item 2100804 Tattoo laser Remover
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Tattoo laser Remover

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