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Hand crafted tattoo machine
Hand crafted tattoo machine Hello
This is Brandyn Feldman and along with tattooing ,painting flash and putting sketch books in order , I build tattoo machines. I have a working machine shop next door to my tattoo parlour in downtown Los Angeles. Take a look @ my photos at
and in the top friends is
b.feldman irons . I will have more photos up on this site with in weeks .
Every machine is cast in Bronze , 1010 or 1018 steel or cast iron. I take a lot of pride in building these tools because as tattooers we must have the best. All parts are made in house by me from the coil cores to the binding posts.I use only the best materials and i put a lot of time in the planing of each style of frame. There is a magic in the tattoo world and alot of that magic i belive comes from the hand made hand crafted part. A computer will never be abble to do what we do as tattooers and artisans, and i belive that 100% so I keep the hand made in my machines and put some of myself in every one so the magic will stay alive ( like the tattooers before us did ). I will build a machine to order. So if you want a linner or a color or a blach and grey machine i can do that . The best way to order is to call me so i can talk with you it is a better way to get a good feel of what kind of machine yu are looking for. Thank you

(818) 720-2550


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