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Robert Jarrett
I have been Tattooing for 10 years now. I first started in Kingsport TN and am proud to say that I worked at the Best Tattoo Studio in Kingsport (2 Ton Tat2) which was a vision by Tom Thomen a couple years ago. After a lot of Blood, Sweat, and tears along the way its very cool to see that tattoo shop become a Standard for Tattoo studios in Tennessee. In February of 2007 I had been offered an opportunity to work for the World Famous Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company in Universal Studios Orlando I was so excited. I have to thank all of my Family and Friends for Helping me and supporting me through this change. Especially my wife. Angela I love you so much. You are my Rock. I would also like to give thanks to God for helping me through my trials and habits and just giving me the strength to fight the day to day battles I face.
Well Ive always been into art and I remember getting in trouble in school for drawing and gazing into the clouds thinking of things to draw. I really developed a lot of my art through my High school teacher who was one of the most stubborn and hardest to please person in the world. This was great because I dont think I would have excelled and may have given up on art. Also in School I me a guy Named Joe. He became my best friend. We would draw and talk about tattoos all the time and so it was. When I grow up I want to be a tattoo artist Who would of thought that not even five years later I would just be getting out of the army and working odd jobs . Came across a buddy I have done some art with in school who was and still is the #1 airbrush Artist in Tennessee and he gave me a chance to airbrush for him. While airbrushing My good buddy Jason Anderson Introduced me to my soon to be mentor Michael (Lucky ) Livesay. We became really good friends I actually lived with him for a couple of years, but he was really interested in learning how to Airbrush So I proposed to teach him in turn I learn how to tattoo. This was 1998. A year later I got Joe in the biz after he got out of the Army. It took a little longer than I thought but I finally got to accomplish a child hood dream, and Im still living it. Its Freaking Sweet!!!
I love to Tattoo. I love that you can place a piece of work on someone that will shape the way they live for the rest of their live. Every time a tattoo is being done there is some significance for it. Whether just having fun with friends, to marking a personal goal in your life, and to remember the ones that weve lost. I love to tattoo. I Love it!!!

Robert Jarrett
6000 Universal Blvd.
Orlando FL 32819 
Phone: 407-373-0718


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/RobertJarrett

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