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This extreme curiosity began at me when i was 11 because of the unknown reason and i decided to add my drawing skill to this curiosity. I started to carry out this art in 1993 and till today i made a lot of special desing for each customer and i have been prefered as the best artist by my customers. I never give up my honesty and modesty. My professional colleagues and me, we believe we will take this art too far in Turkey and deliver to new generation.our important mission is making this art lovely for ordinary people in turkey and on the world. Everybody will know this art as a real and uniqe art. We attach importance to all kind of technical sharings and wait your interpretation and desire. We always believe there is not a end for making progress. Each customer is not a aim for trade on contrary they are friends for us. We think we should be near them to make more successful works and to help them easyl...

savas sars
antalya/turkey   tr
Phone: +905352963194


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/Sars

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