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About Our Studio: We (my GIRLFRIEND Dana and I an my name is Chris or "KOOLAID") own and operate SPARXWORX Custom Tattoo in Casper, Wyoming at 136 South Center Street, right next store to Sonic Rainbow (the PLACE to go for CD's)... a shop I started 15 years ago in Sterling Co. and has seen life a few times since then... but not like this. We came to Casper from Color The World in Boulder to help an old friend start his shop. Long story short ...I bought him out and we're staying... because I found a lot of really creative/working people up here and am kickin out more career advancing work than I did in 23 years in the Denver/Boulder market. FREAKIN ROCKIN! I can't believe it. We're 2000 sq ft. in the middle of downtown Casper. We've had to move twice in 2.5 years because of growth (if I find myself needing more than 2000sq ft. I'll quit...I'm going crazy already!) I have been doing this for 26 years, 23 in the Denver/ Boulder, Colorado market. I pride myself on doing all styles from FREEHAND CUSTOM, COVERUPS, custom artwork, flash, old school, new school, fine line and the list can go on. Its just freakin me (well this has changed again see artist below). For those who know me ... it's gettin old being either the only artist or the top artist (this hasn't) in a shop, it has been years of this arrrrrgghhhhh. WE ALWAYS USE NEW NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!! SHOP OPERATING HOURS: KIDS WELCOME!!! SUNDAY- 2pm-? It could be as early as 8 as late as midnight MONDAY- CLOSED (sorry) TUESDAY- 2pm-9pm WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY- 2pm-9pm FRIDAY-SATURDAY- 2pm-10pm sometimes as late as midnight SHOP MOTTO: "LIFE HAPPENS" (for you as well as us) MY ARTISTS: Each and every ARTIST brings their own style and their own uniqueness to OUR Shop so I feel like we have a well rounded shop !! Chris/Koolaid/Owner: I pride myself on doing all genres of tattooing I have been doing this now for 26 years. I really love freehand work, custom, fineline, new school, and well you get the point I love tattooing so I am in it for the ART. Tattooman/Dan: Tattooman tattoos here and has for the last two years or so but he has been tattooing 12 years or so due to other job commitments, he is on a PART-TIME basis. He has private clients. He strictly does only custom work. He is a terrific artist and pursues this for the ART. Dave and Dan P have joined the staff otherwise known as the twins. They have been tattooing 16 years each. Kellie P. is our full time piercer. She has been piercing 7 years. Tressa And Leanne the apprentices are still looking for practice skin. $35.00 dollar chair charge come talk to them. OPPORTUNITIES: As you can well imagine the employment pool in this town of 60,000 is about 2 inches deep!!! So I'm gonna do the guest spot thing ... this situation is prime for it. We still WANT GUEST ARTISTS!!!!! If you've got ..........at least 5 years......a decent portfolio or web page...or....if you know me (than thats not neccesary)...the ability to travel and be portable ..lets talk. Or get in to town stop by and see us. WHAT TO EXPECT Getting Tattooed at SPARXWORX Custom Tattoo: We try to get you in as fast as we can without shorting the Art. APPOINTMENTS and WALK-INS: We are currently (as of 01/08/2009) able to take some walk-ins call to see whats open for the day and for appointments Call (307-237-3342) for appointment only. Sometimes we can get you in on the same day. Appointments depending on ARTWORK can vary from 3 days to 2 weeks sometimes a little longer depending on schedule and ARTWORK. NO deposits on appointments (NEVER will we charge a deposit for appointments). FLASH: This work there is a possibility to get you in as a walkin. There is 25 years of collecting some on the computer, books, Flash and plenty of reference material. CUSTOM WORK: Is just that we do not post pictures on the internet unless we have your permission and we destroy the pattern(s). "Sometimes" this work can get drawn fast and schedule you in fast but not always it depends on the level of ARTWORK and this requires an appointment. Appointment times for this kind of work can vary. FREEHAND CUSTOM WORK: FREEHAND means drawn right on your skin and this requires an appointment for consultation with an artist. These types of tattoos can vary in time and appointments are required for this. Appointment times for this kind of work can vary from 2 days to 1 month. Money: Right now we only except CASH, we hope to be changing this soon. Cleaning: All items reused go thru an Ultrasonic, to an Autoclave. We have an MSDS book on all our chemicals that we use to keep you safe and we use a lot. Alconox, citranox, bleach, greensoap, iodine and madacide to list a few. WHERE ELSE TO FIND US ON THE WEB: www.myspace.com/sparxworxcustomtattoo www.inkednation.com/sparxworx

Chris (KOOLAID) Smith
136 South Center Street
P.O. Box 1855- zip-82602
Casper WY 82601 US
Phone: (307)237-3342

Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/SparxworxCustomTattoo

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